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Project.23 MTB Helmet

Project.23 MTB Helmet

Project.23 Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet
Use: Trail, Enduro, Bike Park, Downhill

A Lightweight and highly vented helmet that’s designed to stay on doing enduro transition stages while being up to DH safety standards.

Three Models: Carbon | Glass Fibre | ABS (coming soon)
Available (UK): April 25th


Press release – 

7iDP release Project.23 full-face mountain bike helmets. 

April 8th 2020

When planning the release of Project.23 we had no idea that the world would be in the grip of such a horrendous pandemic. We salute our health and other key workers at this difficult time. Stay safe! 

7iDP release a range of full protection, ASTM (DH) certified, lightweight, highly ventilated helmets; Introducing Project.23. A full-face helmet light enough to breeze through enduro transition stages or trail centres, yet up-to everything you can throw at it in the park or on a DH track. 

Project.23 consists of Carbon and Glass Fibre models and will be followed by an ABS model in the coming month, as supply chains allow.


In debating the characteristics of the Project.23 helmet, we discussed the pros and cons of a hardshell compared to a microshell helmet. We all agreed the prospect of a full-on crash in a microshell helmet wasn’t something we’d want to experience. We just didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of marketing such a design as a gravity helmet.

Our design group was unanimous in their opinion that the helmet should have a hard shell construction allied with great ventilation and be as light as possible without compromising its protective characteristics. These beliefs were backed up when we consulted a range of riders from EWS and downhill World Cup racers to local trail riders.

A hard shell (think DH/motocross helmet) – has an outer shell made typically of  Carbon, Glass Fibre or ABS. The shell protects the EPS foam core from puncture and absorbs energy on impact. A typical micro shell helmet (think XC/trail/road helmet) does not have a substantial outer shell, as a consequence provides inferior protection. 

Ventilation – The ‘23’ In Project.23 refers to the 23 full-bore vents that allow air to flow in at the front, move through the specifically designed channels and exhaust heat at the rear. This enables incredible through-flow for ease of breathing while helping you stay cool.

Weight – There was no compromise in our choice of materials to ensure the correct balance between protection and weight. This resulted in a weight of 945 grams for the Carbon and 1060 grams for the Glass Fibre model in a size large.

SERT – Seven Energy Reduction Technology

To further augment the safety features of the Project.23 helmet we examined the key questions of how to reduce energy transfer to the brain and reduce rotational force impact. 

We studied what was currently on offer; some brands were certainly on the right line, others appeared to be buying into marketing hype. After studying the data it became evident that a reduction in impact energy transfer had to be our primary goal.

Hence the development of SERT – Seven Energy Reduction Technology. 

So what is SERT? 

Essentially, SERT is a smart foam with two key functions:

  1. Research and dialogue with experts indicated that it is absolutely key to reduce the amount of energy that reaches the brain on impact. SERT does this by absorbing greater levels of energy than an EPS liner alone and can reduce the energy transfer to the brain by up to 20%.
  2. Test data indicated that SERT also leads to a reduction in the rotational motion of the brain on impact. 

CRV – Crash Release Visor 

To further reduce the rotational motion of the brain, we designed our visor to break away on impact. The visor snaps on/off, so in the event of a crash it:

  1. Releases on impact.
  2. Can be snapped back into position or replaced quickly – no bolts to shear and get stuck internally in the helmet.

Project.23 Features (Carbon & Glass Fibre): 


 Colours: Raw Carbon/Gloss Grey | Raw Carbon/Gloss Electric Blue

Weight: 945 grams (L)

Price: UK – £269.99 | US – $349.99 | €349.99

Colours: Matt Blue/Gloss Grey | Matt Teal/Gloss Black | Matt Dark Red/Gloss Red | Matt Grey/Gloss Black

Weight: 1060 grams (L)

Price: UK – £179.99 | US – $239.99 | €239.99

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